I, Karan Shah founder of KS MotorSport personally would like to make a car depending on the user application. Not only a great fast car but also a more user-friendly car. In my endeavor of perfection, I have made a few products that work very well on certain vehicles.

Here are some of the photos and some videos on each. For any further question please fill out the inquiry form and I will get back to you.

Ambassador with SR20DETengine, S13 suspension, and driver train


Performace Intercoolers for most diesel cars
Polo , Duster , A4

Larger turbo for Isuzu Vcross. Directly replacement and capable of 210bhp.
Boost locked at 35psi

1.TD04H performance billet wheel diameter 43/60 mm ( with extended tip to 63 mm)

2.Compressor housing with Ported shroud ( Garrett name it) or Map Width Enhancement (MWE, Holset name it) or Recirculation Channel ( KKK or BorgWarner name it). Generally, it is an Anti Surge or reduce surge and increase Choke line in the compressor map

3.Turbine wheel is full back design , which can spin 10-15 percent more comparing to normal open back design. Turbine wheel diameter 40.5/45 mm

4.Actuator is set at 35 psi for driver.

2JZGte in a Mercedes W124

Downpipe and intercooler for Laura 1.8 TSI


Get your Lancer converted to EVOLUTION by KSM.
Right from wiper motor to the AWD & climate control, everything is JDM in your Lancer.
No one has converted more Lancers to EVO then KSM.

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