Mustang intake

G-Trac Braces

Product Benefits
Improves suspension compliance Also referred to as k-member brace Stiffens front subframe Bolt-on installation Clears long tube headers! 15% lighter than the competition

Frame Stiffening

Product Benefits
Better handling for more stable cornering Limits IRS subframe movement No permanent modifications necessary No added NVH 50% more connecting points Reduces wheel hop Lifetime warranty Installation does not require removal of cradle

Sturt Tower Braces

Product Benefits
• Improves front chassis stiffness
• Improves ride quality over rough surfaces
• Improved vehicle handling
• 23% lighter than the factory Ford Strut Tower Brace
• Allows easy access to the oil dipstick

Spring Drop

• Lowers your 2015-2016 Mustang 1.125″ in front and 1″ in rear
• Clears 20″ wheels
• Great ride quality, improved aerodynamics, and improved vehicle stance
• Sharper steering response, improved vehicle handling, and stability, noticeable reduction in nosedive
• These progressive springs will provide an exceptional ride quality and as roll increases, it increases the spring rates
• Fits coupe and convertible
• Comes with a LIFETIME warranty

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