Cat-Back Systems

This commonly-used term was actually originated by Borla, who pioneered the concept. “Cat” is motorhead sh”rthand for “Catalytic Converter.” A Borla Cat-Back™ exhaust replaces your entire stock system from the catalytic converters “back” to the tips ex”ting the bumper. This type of system delivers the most dramatic upgrade in sound, because it includes improvements to virtually all the undercar piping, incorporating Borla’s ultra-smooth mandrel bends, X-Pipe technologies, pipe diameter specs and other characteristics that shape the sound. Borla Cat-Back™ systems are available for a wide variety of popular cars and trucks, and are offered in your choice of sound technologies — ATAK®, S-Type and Touring — each with their own distinct volume and character.




Choose from Multiple Tip & System Finishes

We believe exhaust tips should complement the lines of your vehicle, add premium motorsport styling, and serve as a strong indicator of a high-performance exhaust upgrade. Borla tips have a bigger diameter than stock. If your bumper has partial “cutouts” over the tips, we fill that space and eliminate weak-looking gaps. Many of our systems offer a variety of options for tip finish, including Carbon Fiber, Black Chrome, Bright Chrome and Ceramic Black. And they’re just as beautiful on the inside. Our “intercooled” design (one of several options) features cooling fins inspired by fighter jets.




Axle-Back Systems

Unlike our Cat-Back™ systems that replace your complete stock exhaust from the catalytic converters to the tips, a Borla Axle-Back system only replaces the mufflers, rear piping and tips. While this type of system does not give you quite the same full-bodied sound as a Cat-Back™, it is a more affordable solution that still gives you a distinct Borla sound note, with plenty of aggressive punch. As with our Cat-Backs™, Borla Axle-Back systems are available in our ATAK®, S-Type and Touring sound technologies, allowing you to customize your ride with your preference of exhaust volume and character.




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