What is Revo         FAQ's   

What is Revo

Revo has been working extensively only on V,Audi,Skoda,Seat and Porsche since 2002.Thier chief technical officer and some of the core team members have be involved in racing in the BTCC,VW cup and TTRS. Their level of support and development can be seen in the horsepower that REVO tuned cars are making all over the world through over 500 dealers. The “REVOed” cars have been running with reliability under a vast spectrum of climate, fuel and driving conditions. Its cold in Russia, hot in the Middle East and tropical in Malaysia.REVO has intensive knowledge of the VAG cars

REVO not only increases the power of the car but also makes it a more efficient machine in turn. This shows up as more fuel efficiency. The REVO remap doesn’t have to be “chipped” or “soldered”. The map is sent through the on board diagnosis(OBD) port into the electric control module (ECM).There is no visual proof of the remap loaded on your car Go play!


What is Revo         FAQ's   



What is Revo         FAQ's   


How much will a remap take?
About 1 hour

Does REVO have a remap for my car?
REVO has the map for most Audi,VW and Skoda.

Will the dealer be able to “see” that my car has been remap?
No,there is no physical evedince for any wire being cut/spliced or any extra tuning box being attached

Can this blow my engine?
All the maps are loaded on to Ur ECM only after a thorough check of all parameters and a test drive before installation

How do I know what HP gains has my car made?
If ur car is remapped by us , we will give u a before and after runs on the dyno completely free to prove ur gains. No other tuner can or will offer this facility!

Why should I buy a remap from REVO and not some other company?
REVO has been very successful in providing maps for race wining cars. They have been working extensively on VAG cars unlike other companies who have maps for most manufacturers.

Can it be removed from my car when I sell it? I would like to have it installed into my next car
No,sorry.Once the map has been loaded into a car, it can be shut off or removed. But cannot be transferred into another car