Designed to work with standard cars, but can be complemented by basic hardware upgrades.


With a more aggressive tuning style, Stage 2 is specifically intended to attain the best possible performance from cars with more extensive bolt on performance modifications. Stage 2 software complements additional hardware modifications optimising the overall performance to typically yield a further 10% useable power over Stage 1. The basic requirements for Stage 2 software include a high-flow, aftermarket exhaust system, and a cold air intake.


Stage 3 has been developed to complement a specific list of extensive hardware and turbo upgrades. Stage 3 is an aggressive tune which, depending on the chosen hardware, will yield up to a 70% increase when compared to stock performance figures. (Power gains are dependent on specific hardware, settings and fuel quality)


A chassis dynamometer, informally referred to as a rolling road, is a mechanical device that uses one or more fixed roller assemblies to simulate different road conditions within a controlled environment and is used for a wide variety of vehicle testing and development purposes.
Because the vehicle is secured to the chassis dynamometer, it prevents variables such as wind resistance to alter the data set. The chassis dynamometer is designed to add the sum of all the forces that are applied to a vehicle when driven on an actual road course to be simulated through the tires and calculated in the test results. Increasing air drag with the speed on the road manifests as increasing braking force of the vehicle wheels. The aim is to make the vehicle on the dynamometer accelerate and decelerate the same way as on a real road. First you need to know the parameters of the “behavior” of the vehicle on a real road.
Due to friction and mechanical losses in various parts of the power train, the measured power at the wheels is about 15 to 20 percent lower than the power measured directly at the output of engine crankshaft (measuring device with this purpose is called engine testbed).