Engine tuning is the process of modifying the operating characteristics of an engine. In a typical engine set-up, there are various mechanical and electronic elements such as the intake manifold, spark plugs, and mass air flow sensor. Modern engines employ the use of an engine control unit to provide the best balance between performance and emissions. Via the OBD communications protocol, electronically controlled aspects of the engine can be modified in a process known as mapping. Mapping can either be performed by changing the software within the ECU (chip tuning via firmware modification), or by providing false data via plug-in hardware. Other standalone engine management systems are available; these systems replace the factory computer with one that is user-programmable.

The software is uploaded to the vehicles’ engine control unit (ECU) via the onboard diagnostics port (OBDII). This method of installation, (flashing), is accomplished without any need for direct access to the ECU itself, and in most cases the entire process, including prechecks, set up, post-test and handover typically takes less than an hour.


Normally aspirated petrol vehicles:

  • RUp to 15% power gains
  • RUp to 15% more torque
  • RSmooth gains across the rev range
  • RDe-restricted, speed limiter increased

Turbocharged petrol vehicles:

  • RUp to 35% increased power
  • RUp to 45% more torque
  • RIncreased mid range
  • RMore flexible engine, useable power

Turbocharged Diesel:

  • RUp to 45% more power
  • R25-30% more torque
  • RBetter Fuel economy
  • RIncreased mid range
  • RBroader power band
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Founded in 2010, CODE6 TUNING is India’s leading tuning firm and a market leader in custom remaps and aftermarket performance products. There are 15 branches across India in which 6 are with full mechanical garage support and tools from the leading international brands to read and write ECU and TCU. CODE6 tuning custom remaps enables the engine with improved performance, fuel efficiency and responsiveness. CODE6 tuning provides intakes, exhaust systems, intercoolers, turbo upgrade systems, suspension, brake systems, wheels, and more.

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Developed on the racetrack, ready for the road. The Revo tuning philosophy ensures that impressive performance benefits are balanced with useable, reliable power delivery that enhances the way you can drive your vehicle. Development on the road and racetrack as well as testing in controlled dyno conditions gives you a clearer picture of the performance you can expect from Revo ECU Software. Testing in this way plays an important role in ensuring the highest quality products and delivering the driving experience expected.
Revo offers some of the most substantial performance increases on the market, however, only the driven know that peak figures form part of a much bigger picture and are never the sole focus during Revo’s development process; it’s all about the drive. Only Revo offers a perfect balance of performance, economy and engine longevity.
Revo performance ECU Software gives you much more than just an increase in power and torque. A large part of development is based on driving scenarios and feedback; our calibration doesn’t just offer great dyno curves and peak power/torque figures but an exhilarating driving experience. Expect smooth and refined response at low RPM & partial throttle, with huge gains at wide-open throttle and throughout the whole rev range.

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Etuners Motorsport prides itself on providing the highest quality performance ECU & TCU software on the market tailored to each individual car at a competitive price. Our custom software solutions apply to all VAG & European cars; specialising in VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari & Lamborghini. Every car goes through an extensive tuning session that consists of flashing & data logging to ensure the software developed and calibrated to each specific car meets out very high standard. Etuners Motorsport has been calibrating software for the European market for the last 15 years, with leading results globally. Whilst our software is custom, they have proven results which maximize performance and longevity of the vehicle. Etuners Motorsport offer services from basic stage 1 to big turbo builds. We cater for your needs, custom software solutions, performance parts are all supplied & installed in house. We will work with you to maximise performance to fulfil your desire.

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Since 2005 TVS Engineering is the pioneer in developing DSG software solutions. Currently we offer the best and widest ranging DSG software upgrades available on the market. Not only the strongest and most powerful ‘off-the-shelf’ and fully customizable software solutions, but also the best possible durability and drivability upgrades. From silky smooth drivability upgrades to fully customizable record-breaking race applications, TVS DSG software covers it all!
TVS DSG software always focuses on the overall driving experience. Therefore our goal is always to increase the gearbox capacity and performance to the maximum without sacrificing reliability or drivability.